Dr. Don Easterbrook on Climate Change to Washington State Senate



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    Don is cherry-picking, (selecting tiny pieces of data out of context so it seems to say exactly the opposite of what the data actually says). There are also places he is simply spreading outright lies, whether he’s doing it consciously or not. He’s counting on his audience to not know enough science to understand the larger truth. Maybe he’s ignorant himself, maybe he has psychological problems, maybe he’s lying. It doesn’t matter, because anyone speaking to a group, especially a policy group like this, without THOROUGHLY researching the science and speaking to and reading science done by experts actively working in the relevant fields is essentially lying. Someone who lies about such a dire situation as global climate catastrophe is either so ignorant or uncaring about the consequences of those lies that s/he has nothing useful to say and has waived all rights to be part of the conversation. Such people are guilty of the most horrific crimes against humanity and the Earth that have ever existed. And someone who simply doesn’t know any better has no business speaking on the subject. The science is clear; more than 13,000 peer-reviewed papers, studies and data sets say so. (Per review is the gold standard of science.)

    If you don’t believe he is wrong, read the science.

    Here are 2 places to get started on just one of the lies Don is spreading: 1930s. The second site in particular has responses to pretty much all of his claims; you can easily find them all there. They’re already there because every one of his claims has been put forth many thousands of times on the internet, and debunked thoroughly, many, many times, by the science. Scientists have looked at all of the claims he passes on and have discounted or included all of them in the science. Global climate catastrophe is real, happening and dangerous. If we continue on the course we’re on, burning fossil fuels and cutting forests (which absorb CO2), we will, in the next 20 years or less, destroy all possibility of civilization surviving beyond a century or 2. (The changes happen slowly, but vicious circles that can’t be stopped will be triggered soon and will make that change irreversible.)

    There are many reasons to not want to believe this is true. Read the science.



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    Everyone does seem to be cherry picking when looking at this problem.
    For some proper perspective, I like this data on Ocean levels over the past 25,000 years.

    Obviously there was some serious ocean rise going on which had absolutely nothing to do with our recent penchant to produce greenhouse gasses. People should focus on dealing with the rise instead of the childish belief it’s a recent phenomena, for which man and big oil are the primary culprits. Oil didn’t drive that rise and tweaks we can make, given our growing population, are not gonna reverse any larger trend. This isn’t an excuse to be wasteful though. A strong national focus on increased efficiencies is a virtue regardless of ocean level impact.

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